Information Technology Services newsletter Fall, 2018

IT Services is pleased to introduce the UA Little Rock Information Technology Services Newsletter, Edition 1, Fall 2018.

The newsletter is designed to provide important information for selected current major projects that are benefiting our campus as well as other features such as A Message from the CIO, Tech Tips, and Security Corner.

Recent Projects

Some of the projects include the recently completed Network Refresh initiative which has installed more than 3,200 state of the art wireless points in more than 40 buildings across campus. The wireless experience has been greatly enhanced and users are enjoying outstanding speed and coverage for their devices. Other network improvements have also been modernized.

UA System Project One is a system-wide project designed to unify campus enterprise systems. Learn more about its purpose and the plans for this multi-year project that replaces and consolidates core administrative systems across campus.

We trust you will find the newsletter interesting and informative. We invite you to send your suggestions and comments to

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