Upgrades to Active Directory on the way

Active Directory (AD) is a Microsoft technology used to manage accounts and devices on a network. This service provides our institution the ability to validate and authorize use of anything on its network. In addition, AD also manages access to files, folders, printers, users, groups, and other similar objects on Mac, Windows, and Unix devices.

Changes to our AD

UA Little Rock has approved and is implementing a project to rebuild the existing AD environment, which should be complete this year. This migration will encompass every Windows and Mac device, in addition to all users, computers, servers, applications, and other services owned or utilized by the university.


There are several benefits to this modernized AD environment, but some of the more significant features include:

Account consolidation

Users will not have to remember multiple account logins like “facstaff” or “students” anymore; they will only need one account to log in to all devices.

Simplified delegation of security and authorization

This will provide quicker authorization for applications without requiring users to submit substantial paperwork for approval or access (like with Banner).

A central and unified directory system

This will allow us to better reconcile accounts and identities across applications.

Integrated updates and management

This is directed toward the endpoints (or computers) on the new AD. Users will not have to worry about making sure their computers are up-to-date.

A common user experience on all technology

This will help users begin the process of streamlining their login processes, allowing them access no matter where they sign-in.

Additional security and management to better protect users and their data

Since everyone will be under the new AD, antivirus and threat protection will be provided automatically.

Preparing for the move

In the near future, users can expect support technicians to come in and help them move their devices to the new domain. In the meantime, IT Services encourages all users to store their files in Google Drive to prepare for the transition.

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