IT Services ready to assist with scanning

IT Services offers the ability to scan forms submitted for grading and teacher evaluations. The most commonly used form is 4521, which is the Scantron form generally used for all of our teacher evaluations and tests.

Exams can be graded as soon as a professor or teaching assistant brings their Scantrons to the Assistance Center in SU-A 105. A form is filled out at the front desk, and the professor checks which report(s) is needed for the exam. The report(s) can be requested as PDF or paper. Please note that exams can be dropped off at SU-A 105 and picked up the next day. It is possible to call, fax, or email to submit a request; however, as the Scantron forms must be processed directly, they will need to be brought to the department via walk-in.

The scanning service offers the following reports:

  • Student Statistics Report (101) – lists students and grades (one of the most common reports used)
  • Condensed Test Report (206) – lists average and median scores of exam questions
  • Condensed Item Analysis (204) – lists exam questions and how many students selected A, B, C, or D as responses to those questions
  • Student Grade Report (150) – gives an individual grade sheet for each student
  • Condensed Item Analysis Report (204) – lists teacher evaluation questions and how many students selected A, B, C, or D as responses to those questions
  • Item Statistics Report (321) – gives a detailed report of the teacher evaluation

Preparing a request

An example of the IT SERVICES OPSCAN PROCESSING form that contains check boxes for selection of the report types requested.
To prepare a request for submission, first fill out the “IT Services Opscan Processing” sheet in the appropriate section: “Tests” or “Teacher Evaluations.”

Select “Result Format Code” and choose whether you want it printed or emailed to you (paper or PDF). If PDF is chosen, we will email the results to the requestor, whose information is at the top of the opscan sheet, unless otherwise specified.

If the requestor does not know what result format code to choose, they can view a booklet of result format examples to help them decide.

Expected wait times

For test scans, requestors may choose to wait in our office while we process them or come back later to pick up the results.

For teacher evaluations, it is best to come back later to pick up the results, as these take much longer to process. Depending on the number of evaluations being submitted, it could take up to five days for processing to be completed.

For more information about IT Services and available services, visit the Assistance Center at SU-A 105 or call (501) 916-3011.

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