Final phase of network refresh project completed

The wired port migration phase of the network upgrade project has been completed by IT Services. This final phase of the project follows last year’s successful completion of the Wi-Fi refresh program that completely rebuilt and vastly improved the wireless network on campus.

These wired moves are, in part, preparation for the move to Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP), in which new digital phones will connect over the network instead of the old telephone system.

Since beginning the wired port migration in January 2019, the 6,510 wired ports currently in use are now enhanced to provide extremely fast ethernet speeds that enables devices to communicate more effectively with each other across the wired local area network (LAN). 

Working with a labyrinth of cables and switches housed in 185 network equipment closets within 50 campus buildings, the IT Services team labored many hours, including nights and weekends, to produce a reliable and efficient ethernet system that is allowing swift access to information.

Switch speeds are consistent and as much as 10 times faster than they were before the upgrade, increasing from 100 Mbps to 1 Gbps. Latency – the delay in how long it takes for traffic to get from a device to its destination – has also been reduced.  

Future growth needs of the wired network have also been enhanced to allow up to 14,277 wired ports to be operable in the network.

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