Changes to the university phone system to include new numbers, phones

Our campus has a twenty-year-old Centrex telephone system based on outdated technology and infrastructure. Updating and modernizing the phone system will allow for much-needed improvements, such as replacing the more than 25 different telephone prefixes with a single prefix across the entire organization.

IT Services has been working on a telecommunications modernization initiative since October of last year. Several departments, such as Nursing, Bowen School of Law, and Athletics have already transitioned to the new system. Your department will be contacted to collaboratively plan your phone migration.

What’s changing?

We have compiled a list of frequently-asked questions, training guides, and project milestones to keep you informed about what this initiative will mean for you.

Project highlights

Here are some of the changes involved in the telecommunications modernization initiative.

New numbers
Telephone numbers will change to reflect the new phone number blocks. All numbers will start with 916, with employees having numbers in the -5000 and -6000 blocks; departments and faxes will be in the -3000 series.
Old numbers
For up to 18 months, callers to existing/old employee office numbers will be intercepted with a message informing them of the new number. Callers to existing/old department numbers will be automatically forwarded to the new number for up to 36 months.
New handsets
You will receive a new Mitel telephone. Dialing other internal numbers on these handsets will only require 4 digits (e.g., 5123). External numbers are accessed by dialing 9 and then the full number.
Service management
IT Services will manage the new phone system.
Published contacts
IT Services is working with Communications and Marketing to update the phone numbers in the University Directory and throughout the website.

Getting started

Want to get a head start? Check out the new phone features with this training video.

UALR End user training 6920

Mitel 6920ip phone for end-users of UcasS at UALR

If you would prefer an in-person demonstration, we have set up a weekly demonstration schedule.

Mitel Demonstration Center

DSC 201
Hours of operation
Tuesdays from 10-11 a.m.
Thursdays from 2-3 p.m.
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