Spring 2020 IT Services department meeting

The IT Services staff recently assembled in the newly remodeled IT Services Student Computer lab for the Spring 2020 ITS Department Meeting. 

Dr. Thomas Bunton, Chief Information Officer and Associate Vice Chancellor, introduced new staff members Geoffrey Joseph, Shalimar Jones, Angelina Middleton, Colleen Godley, and Courtney Carter.                                                       

Three staff members were honored for their dedicated service over the past year by being selected for the 2019 annual ITS Department Awards: 

photo of Booker Lytle accepting award from CIO Thomas Buntonphoto of Cody Henslee accepting award from Vice Chancellor Steve McClellanphoto of Rhett Smith accepting award from Vice Chancellor Steve McClellan

Raise the Bar: Booker Lytle

Pride in My Role: Cody Henslee

Hold the Rope: Rhett Smith

Steve McClellan, Vice Chancellor for Finance and Administration, addressed the group and expressed that he is very encouraged the university is focused on dealing with the serious issues it has been facing the past couple of years. He believes the university will be successful in resolving the issues and shared that it has energized him to support the campus even more in accomplishing this goal. Regarding ITS, he conveyed to the staff it is always great to work with good people and is heartening to work with great teams in the department as a whole. He indicated the teamwork in ITS is recognized across campus and advocated all to keep it up.

Dr. Bunton thanked the staff for all of their hard work and mentioned some of the department’s most significant successes over the past year. The just completed Active Directory (AD) project, which migrated 4,500 workstations to our new campus network, is a monumental change for UA Little Rock. The three year project is the culmination of a diligent effort by multiple ITS teams and is the only successfully completed AD project of three previous attempts over the past 10+ years.

Other noteworthy accomplishments include: completed nearly 300 major system changes with almost no interruption to campus services, remodeling of the ITS student computer lab, StarRez, Web 1 decommissioning, BankMobile, iClicker pilot, Project One’s numerous tasks both completed and ongoing that are moving toward the July 1 Workday implementation for Human Resources and Finance, improved ClearPass efficiency, new athletic ticketing system, Symantec antivirus implementation for the campus, installation of a new Blackboard controller, replaced fluid sensors in the data center, provided support for the BEST Robotic event, completed server moves to the new Arista, eStem door controller.

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