Cybersecurity vital during COVID-19 global pandemic

The chancellor recently announced that UA Little Rock has moved to online classes effective immediately due to the Coronavirus (COVID-19) global pandemic. Students will not be attending on-campus classes but instead will accomplish their coursework online until further notice. Many employees will be working as usual on campus but many others will be working remotely. Now is the time to increase your efforts to keep our university information secure.

Avoid suspicious email

Bad actors are using the COVID-19 global pandemic as an opportunity to attack organizations and higher education institutions. Please be extra cautious during this time when interacting with emails and other technologies.

Stop, Think, Connect. Before taking action, stop. Think about the email and ask whether or not it is suspicious. Connect with the user via an alternative, previously-known method (e.g., a phone call).

Check and re-check the origin of email messages (especially those you were not expecting).

If you consider an email to be suspicious, think twice before clicking any link in the message or downloading any attached file.

Keep sensitive information secure

Do not download sensitive information onto computers outside of the campus network (e.g., a laptop at home). If you need to use any data,Google Drive is an encrypted storage system that is approved for campus use.

Keep the information in Google Drive and manage access using file and folder sharing controls.

Do you use a mapped network file share or drive?

We recommend your actively-used files be relocated to Google Drive for secure, remote access. Mapped network drives cannot be used with the campus VPN service.

Reach out if you need assistance

The IT Services Assistance Center will continue to work remotely in the event of a campus closure. If you call and leave a voicemail message, a support incident will be generated and a staff member will contact you as soon as possible.

You will receive an email with a support record ID that can be verified with the staff member when they call.

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