Campus Active Directory modernized

Active Directory is the service used to log into campus computers ranging from student lab computers to your office desktop or laptop. Active Directory helps manage and secure the university resources stored on our computers.

photo of computer keyboardIn 2017, the university began a project to upgrade the Active Directory service to a modern environment. During over a year of department-by-department migrations in the last phase of the project, 4500 workstations were eventually switched over to the new Active Directory service. To cap off the project, the legacy Active Directory service (FACSTAFF/STUDENTS) was retired on February 14, 2020.

The three-year project is the culmination of a tireless effort by multiple IT Services teams. The scope of the project involved almost all users and computers on campus and introduced new services such as mass imaging and modern security policies.

The primary advantages of the new Active Directory service include:

  • A central and unified directory system
  • Integrated updates and management
  • An authoritative identity source supporting a wider range of applications
  • Simplified delegation of security and authorization
  • Common user experience on all technology

The upgrade of the Active Directory is a tremendous accomplishment for the university and reflects a significant amount of work by campus technologists, various users, and departments. The migration to a state-of-the-art Active Directory greatly improves our security posture and eliminates the extreme risks associated with the unsupported legacy environments.

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