Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) migration continues

IT Services is continuing work to migrate campus phones to the new Mitel phone system. In March, the telecommunications project was preparing to begin the largest phase of the transition when the realities of the COVID-19 pandemic changed the way the campus operates.

Mitel Phone HandsetEnd-user facing aspects of the project were put on hold to ensure the stability of the existing telecommunication system while practicing social distancing.

Meanwhile, behind the scenes, the project is addressing and verifying all technical and administrative aspects of the changeover from the old phone system to the new Mitel system.

Changes impacting departmental operations are not taking place at this time. The deployment of new equipment and changes to phone numbers will occur when the campus returns to normal operation and coordination with departments can take place.

Project Road Map

IT Services personnel will contact each department to work collaboratively and plan the phone migration before any modifications are made to departmental phones.

Completion of the project will take place over three remaining phases that will take place over a four-month time period. When normal activities return to campus, the project team will directly contact departments to discuss scheduling.

  • Phase 4 will begin when UA Little Rock resumes regular activity on campus. The project team will return to complete the migration of Financial Services and the Student Services Center (SSC) offices.
  • Phase 5 will then address the 47 departments across the South end of campus.
  • Phase 6 will follow with all departments from the Nanotechnology Building over to 28th Street, Children’s International l and the Residence Halls.

When the project is completed, all existing services will have been identified, migrated, or decommissioned.

Project highlights

The project’s goal is to complete the transition as smoothly as possible with minimal disruption to campus services. The following are the major changes that will occur as the telecommunications modernization initiative progresses.

New numbers

Telephone numbers will change to reflect the new phone number blocks. All numbers will start with 916, with employees having numbers in the -5000 and -6000 blocks; departments and faxes will be in the -3000 series.

Old numbers

For up to 18 months, calls to existing/old employee office numbers will be intercepted with a message informing the caller of the new number. Calls to existing/old department numbers will automatically forward to the new number for up to 36 months.

New handsets

New Mitel telephones will be issued to users. Dialing other internal numbers on these handsets will only require

4 digits (ex.‘5123’). External numbers are accessed by dialing 9 and then the full number.

Service management

IT Services will manage the new phone system.

Published contacts

IT Services is coordinating with Communications and Marketing to update the phone numbers in the University Directory and throughout the ualr.edu website.

Campus community members can familiarize themselves with the new system features. Online training is available, and in-person help sessions will resume once the campus has returned to normal operations. For additional information, please refer to the VoIP Quick Reference Guide or FAQ.

If you have any questions, concerns, or questions,  please contact IT Services for assistance.

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