Additional security requirements for Workday

An unavoidable security requirement was announced by the UA System office this week. All 13 institutions getting ready to roll-out Workday on July 7, 2020, are affected by this requirement.

Just like you might have to register your phone with two different banks, we are now required to register MFA methods with both our own services as well as UA System services. This change will further protect the critical institutional information stored in Workday.

Most of you have already been through this registration process once, but we are providing the following instructions to ensure you are able to access Workday resources in time for the July 7 release of Workday.

If you have not set up these new MFA methods, it is critical that you complete these steps before July 7 in order to ensure you will have access to Workday to review your time tracking, leave, and benefits.

Setting up MFA for a second organization

In order to simplify your MFA user experience, we recommend that you configure your UA System security settings using the same methods that you set up for your NetID 2.0 account.

  1. Revisit the account security dashboard and log in with your NetID 2.0 account.
    Review your existing MFA methods, paying special attention to which method is set as the Default sign-in method. We recommend that you use that method again for the UA System process.
    A screenshot of the My Security Info dashboard with the Default sign-in method example of Microsoft Authenticator
  2. In a new browser tab, visit
    The My Apps screen will appear after one of the following scenarios:

    • If you have not yet set up your UA Little Rock MFA methods, you will be prompted to provide more information. Please follow the original MFA setup guide to complete your registration.
    • If you have already set up your UA Little Rock MFA methods, you may be prompted to approve a request or provide a 6-digit code, depending on your default MFA method.
    A prompt stating 'More information required: Your organizations needs more information to keep your account secure.'
  3. On the My Apps screen under Employee, select the Workday Test (uasys6) app.
    If you have not yet set up your UA System MFA methods, you will also be prompted to provide more information.
    A screenshot of the My Apps dashboard with two icons with the Workday Test icon circled.
  4. If you previously used the Microsoft Authenticator app as your UA Little Rock default method, repeat the same process to add a new UA System account to your mobile app. If you would prefer to use a voice call or a text message sent to your phone, select the I want to set up a different method option.
    A screenshot of the Microsoft Authenticator app instructionsA screenshot of the Microsoft Authenticator app instructions with the I want to set up a different method link circled
  5. If you are selecting a different method, follow the instructions to configure your UA System method in the same way you set up your UA Little Rock method. The UA System resources only require you to register a single method: Authenticator app, texts to your phone, or a voice call to your phone.
    A screenshot of the Choose a different method drop-down, with Authenticator app, Phone, and Alternate phone as options.A screenshot of the Phone dialog with options to send SMS text messages or voice calls

Once you have completed your second MFA registration process, you will be able to successfully access Workday Training and other Workday resources.

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