Start using your email address to log in everywhere (some exceptions apply)

Your NetID is now your university email address! Visit the NetID 2.0 project to learn more about the new NetID format and a simpler password reset process!

Campus IT services continue to be migrated to the new single sign-on (SSO) experience. For example, we will be migrating Gmail and Blackboard to the new SSO platform in the coming months.

The future cloud-based SSO log-in form asks for your university email address.

The NetID 2.0 project involves migrating services over to the new, cloud-based SSO experience.

WarningWarning! Once a service is migrated to the new SSO platform, the only format it will accept is your university email address. However, the new format is usable on all SSO-enabled web-based services right now! We recommend that you begin using the new NetID 2.0 username format—your email address—to log into web-based services as soon as possible.


There are still a few services that do not use single sign-on and do not yet support using the university email address as the username. Instead, you must still use the original/legacy NetID username to log in. Many of these services will be upgraded to use the new NetID format soon. Stay tuned!

Services that do not yet use the new NetID username include

Employee-only applications

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