Blackboard migrated to use NetID 2.0!

As announced on Dec. 18, 2020, the update to Blackboard Ultra included a new way to log in thanks to the NetID 2.0 project. Instead of using your legacy NetID username, you will must now use your NetID 2.0 username—which is your university email address—to log into the new Blackboard Base Navigation.

We recommend that you take this opportunity to start using your email address to log in everywhere (with some exceptions).

For employees, this also means that Blackboard is now protected by the multi-factor authentication (MFA) methods you registered on your UA Little Rock account. Employees may see periodic MFA prompts when logging into Blackboard, although they will not see a second MFA prompt for the UA System account that sometimes occurs when logging into Workday. Workday is protected by both the UA Little Rock and UA System MFA registrations.

Trouble logging in to Blackboard? Be sure you are using your university email address in the username field, and try resetting your password.

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