Astra Schedule

The Academic and Event Scheduling Policy states that academic course and event scheduling is managed using Astra Schedule, a web-based software scheduling management system.

Astra lets you view the course schedule, events schedule, and room availability. Event criteria determines its placement on a calendar.

Several calendars are available, including:

Academic Calendar
Admissions, financial aid, and registration deadlines and first/last day of classes
Alumni Association events
Sporting events
Campus Life
Student events
Class Schedule
Current semester
Cultural Events
Music, dance, theater, and visual arts
Meetings & Lectures
Public seminars, workshops and other educational events

UALR students and employees may subscribe to important dates on their personal Google calendar. The subscription tool makes it easy to select among the following categories you want to appear on your calendar.

  • Academic Schedule
  • Admissions (Undergraduate and Graduate)
  • Bursar (Cashier and Student Accounts)
  • Financial Aid
  • Holidays
  • Human Resources
  • Registration

Getting started

These video overviews are helpful for new users of Astra Schedule.


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