Academic and event scheduling policy

Academic and event scheduling is managed using Astra Schedule, a web-based software scheduling management system designed for universities.

1. This policy shall be applicable for the following types of events and calendars:

1.1. Academic Scheduling
1.1.1. Astra shall reflect the current class schedule as stored in Banner.
1.1.2. Departmental schedule shall be done in Banner.
1.1.3. The Office of Records and Registration may utilize Astra’s classroom locator tool.

1.2. Event Scheduling
1.2.1. The following areas shall be scheduled in Astra: Stella Boyle Smith Concert Hall, Bowen Law School, Alumni Association, University Theatre, Athletics, Donaghey Student Center, and Records & Registration.

1.3. This policy shall not be applicable for the following types of events and calendars:
1.3.1. Personal Calendaring
1.3.2. Conference Room Scheduling (with the exception of Donaghey Student Center and Bailey Alumni Center)
1.3.3. Academic Calendar

2. Room Requests

2.1. Unless otherwise noted, requests shall be submitted at least two weeks before the date needed, particularly if the requested room is locked with an electronic keypad.

2.2. Room administrators may deny requests that are in conflict with a room’s policies or intended use.

2.3. Some departments may include specific requirements for reservations such as scheduling priorities, advance notice, holds and cancellations, fees, security, etc. For questions concerning information on available rooms, contact the administrator indicated for the facility.

2.4. Requests shall not be confirmed as reservations until the room administrator responds in writing that the date, time, and location are scheduled.

2.5. The requestor shall notify the room administrator as soon as possible to cancel a reservation.

2.6. Event sponsors shall keep a printed copy of the confirmation when using the reserved space.

2.7. Room Requests by UALR Users
2.7.1. Electronic room request forms are provided in Astra for Bailey Alumni Center, Donaghey Student Center, Jack Stephens Center, Stella Boyle Smith Concert Hall, and University Theatre.
2.7.2. Staff and faculty members shall submit room requests by logging in to Astra using a NetID.
2.7.3. Instructional space may be requested using the paper-based UALR Non-Academic Use of Academic Facilities Reservation form.
2.7.4. Student organizations shall ask their faculty or staff sponsor to submit a request for a room reservation for a recognized, registered, or sponsored student group; student government; or a sponsored departmental or campus organization.
2.7.5. Students leading Bowen School organizations may be allowed to request and schedule events with advisor permission.

2.8. Room Requests by External Users
2.8.1. University of Arkansas at Little Rock facilities are available to community groups and organizations when not in use for University programs.
2.8.2. In order to qualify for use of University facilities, an organization shall fall in one of the following categories: a governmental agency, nonprofit, educational organization, or a group or individual who will use the facility for educational or non-commercial uses.
2.8.3. Requests may be submitted by completing the online guest form or contacting the room administrator directly.

3. Room Administrators

3.1. Each room scheduled through Astra shall have an assigned room administrator(s) with responsibility for approving or denying events.

3.2. If an event should appear on public UALR calendars, the room administrator shall designate it as “Featured” within Astra. Featured events shall be limited to those that further the university’s mission or that enhance its image. In general, featured events should be open to the student body or to the public. Closed meetings and reservations for entities outside the university should not normally be featured. The Office of Communications shall have the authority to make final decisions about whether events shall be featured or not.
3.2.1. Room administrators are responsible for collecting and entering complete information (date, time, location, event description with web address, and contact information) for all featured events. Events shall be named with an indicator of what is taking place (i.e. not just a customer name). Acronyms shall not be included in the event name.

3.3. Astra refers to companies, organizations, or departments as “Customer.”
3.3.1. Every entry in the Astra “Customers” section shall have a contact person. UALR departments have been added to the system according to the approved naming standard Colleges:  College of… (abbreviation)—so, “College of Arts, Humanities, and Social Sciences (AHSS)” or “College of Education (COE)” or “College of Engineering and Information Technology, Donaghey (EIT)” Departments, schools, & offices:  Name, Department of—so, “Biology, Department of” or “Mass Communication, School of” or “Provost, Office of”
3.3.2. External companies or organizations may be added in the Astra “Customers” section using the complete legal name; no acronyms or abbreviations unless those are part of the official name.  Within reason and the space provided, an unofficial acronym or abbreviation may appear in parentheses after the official name
3.3.3. Room administrators are responsible for reviewing existing Astra entries in the Astra “Customers” section before creating new ones to prevent duplicates.
3.3.4. UALR departments down to the department level noted in the budget book may be added.

3.4. Contacts in Astra shall be individual people.
3.4.1. Each contact is defined by a unique email address.
3.4.2. Each contact may be associated with multiple customers.
3.4.3. UALR contacts shall be defined by their official UALR email address.
3.4.4. A middle name or initial shall be included where possible.
3.4.5. Room administrators are responsible for reviewing contacts already in the system before adding new ones to prevent duplications.
3.4.6. At the Bowen Law School, students may be added as contacts where applicable.

3.5. Documentation and support information are posted at
3.5.1. The support site shall include a contact list to make information easy to find.
3.5.2. Administrators and room approvers may view more detailed support materials and tutorials on how to schedule on the Confluence website.

3.6. Problems shall be reported via email to

3.7. Room administrators shall acknowledge room requests within two working days of receipt.

3.8. Billing will be added in a later Astra software release.

4. Policies for Featured Events

4.1. Featured Events are publicly available on the university website calendar accessed via the homepage shall be populated by events posted in Astra and designated as “Featured.” This calendar shall have links to the following event types: Alumni, Arts & Culture, Athletics, Campus Life, and Meetings & Lectures. The academic calendar shall also be accessible.

4.2. Featured Events to be highlighted on the UALR website calendar shall be sponsored by an officially recognized campus department or unit; a recognized, registered, or sponsored student group; student government; or a sponsored departmental or campus organization.

4.3. The Office of Communications shall select Featured Events
4.3.1. Featured Events shall be based on submission to the Office of Communications’ staff or in Astra in a timely manner.
4.3.2. Featured Events may be based on the degree of mass audience appeal, reflecting equal emphasis and representation among all organizations and event types.
4.3.3. Featured campus events that are open to the public shall be entered in Astra with complete information that includes contact information and a web site.

4.4. Featured Event submissions shall include a date, time, location, event description, cost, web site, and contact information.

4.5. The room administrator shall include all required information in the reservation itself.

4.6. Questions about the web calendar and featured events shall be directed to the calendar administrator at 501-916-3397.

4.7. Events shall be entered at least three weeks prior to the event to be publicized through UALR news releases, e-newsletters, and other promotion outlets. Complete event information, along with photos, video, or audio, may also be sent to the Office of Communications.

5. Astra Data Integrity

5.1. The unit with responsibility for approving room requests for a space(s) shall be responsible for ensuring the accuracy of information about the space(s), including contact information, features, capacities, assignment, etc.

5.2. The Astra support site shall provide instructions and forms for requesting changes to Astra information.

5.3. Classroom Information
5.3.1. Astra stores information about classroom features, capacities, and departmental priority- or sole-use assignment.
5.3.2. The Office of the Provost shall approve any changes to information about classrooms.
5.3.3. The Office of Records and Registration oversees any changes to classroom information within Astra.