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Great things are in the works related to how you log into IT systems at UA Little Rock. Building on our recent success migrating to a modern Active Directory, this project will consolidate our multiple university accounts to create a new type of NetID, provide an easier way to reset your password, and migrate the campus to a new, cloud-based single sign-on platform.

Major improvements

Your NetID will be your email address.
Tired of remembering multiple account usernames? So are we! With NetID 2.0, it’s all about your email address. Over time, we will be retiring the old, unchangeable format (i.e., abc1) and use the email address to log into services instead. Change your name? No problem. Your log-in will change with you.
Some applications—especially those that do not yet support single sign-on (SSO)—still require the original/legacy username format. We hope to upgrade these to use the new NetID username format soon!
Resetting your password will be easier.
Changing your password? You’ll experience a new, simpler password reset workflow centered around a single password. No matter where you change it—from your desktop or using the new self-service password reset site in the cloud—you will only have to remember a single password.
The future cloud-based SSO log-in form asks for your university email address.Logging in will have a new look.
Over the next year, we will be migrating university resources one-at-a-time over to a new, cloud-based single sign-on (SSO) service.

A smooth migration

The new, cloud-based service will only accept your new NetID 2.0 username—your university email address. To ease the transition between the old experience and the new, we’ll be updating the current log-in form (described below as NetID 1.0) so that employees and students can start using the new NetID 2.0 username everywhere they used the original NetID—in addition to the new cloud-based SSO service!

NetID 1.0The current log-in form only accepts the original NetID username (e.g., abc1).
NetID 2.0The new log-in form allows you to enter your university email address as well as the original NetID username.

The original NetID will be retired after all university services have been migrated to the use the new platform in the coming months.

Multi-factor Authentication (MFA)

One of the most important advantages of NetID 2.0 is the introduction of a new way to secure your account: multi-factor authentication (MFA). A password helps to confirm who you are, but it is no longer enough to keep your data safe! Help us protect our university!

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