Daniel Berleant

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IFSC 7386 (& 7186, 7286, 7486, 7586) Graduate Project 
IFSC 4396/4398 Capstone Project
IFSC 2200 Ethics in the Profession 
IFSC 3300 Internet Applications 
IFSC 4301/TINV 5302 Information, Computing and the Future 
TINV 5303/4303 Applied Innovation Project 
(link 1, link 2)
TINV 4301/5301 Strategies for Innovation 
IFSC/CPSC 1105 First Year Exp. for Comp. & Inf. Science Majors 
BINF 4445/5445 Bioinformatics Theory and Applications 
IFSC 7101 Research Methodology 
IFSC 7102 Research Tools 
IFSC 7103 Research Applications 
IFSC 7321 Information Science and Theory 
IFSC 7310 Information Systems Analysis
Upon request: Information Retrieval Tutorial
IFSC 3360 Systems Analysis and Design
IFSC 1305 Problem Solving Techniques IFSC
Java course
Department of Information Science
University of Arkansas at Little Rock
EIT Building, Room 562
2801 South University Avenue
Little Rock, Arkansas 72204
email: jdberleant@ualr.edu
phone: (501) 569-3488
Fax: (501) 569-7049

The Berleant lab

Graduate students: I am currently seeking students interested in technology foresight, building systems with a practical focus, and some other topics. Please contact me for more information about available projects.
Here is information on pubs, students, and funding.