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IFSC/CPSC 1105: First Year Experience for IFSC/CPSC Majors 

FALL 2013

Tuesdays and Thursdays

3:05 p.m. – 3:55 p.m.

EIT 218

Check the course information page here

Schedule of topics:




Instructor Use

Tu Aug. 20, 2013 

Course guidelines, vote on topics, ice breaker



Th Aug. 22, 2013 

Beginning HTML



Tu Aug. 27, 2013 

Beginning HTML

HW #1 (due Tu Sept. 3, 2013)


Th Aug. 29, 2013 

Robots and lights



Tu Sept. 3, 2013

Robots and sound


Th Sept. 5, 2013

Robots and sound, HW lab time

HW #2 (due Th Sept. 12, 2013)


Tu Sept. 10, 2013

Guest: Michael Yang, Cooperative Education Internship & Placement Office (CEIPO,


Th Sept. 12, 2013

Tour of EAC (+bot) with J. Swaty, Dr. Y. Belkhouche

HW #3 (due Th Sept. 19, 2013): Make and hand in your resume


Tu Sept. 17, 2013

Robots and motion, or HW lab time (your option)



Th Sept. 19, 2013

Tour of GIT machine shop with A. Tomany



Tu Sept. 24, 2013

Educational robot videos! (& HW lab time)

HW #4 (due Tu Oct. 1, 2013)

Th Sept. 26, 2013

Educational robot videos! (& HW lab time)



Tu Oct. 1, 2013

Educational robot videos!



Th Oct. 3, 2013




Tu Oct. 8, 2013

Guest: Mike Kirk, Counseling Services; start interactive video (1 instance, whole class, discuss each step)

HW #5 (due on or before F Oct. 11, 2013)

ser. #1; a form

Th Oct. 10, 2013

Lab time: work on HW5 and/or HW6



Tu Oct. 15, 2013

Fall break, no class 



Th Oct. 17, 2013

Prezi: my sample, video intro, getting started

HW #6 (due Oct. 22, 2013)

Tu Oct. 22, 2013

Prezi lab (see HW #7)

HW #7 (due Tu Oct. 29, 2013)


Th Oct. 24, 2013

Tour of Computational Research Center with A. Everett



Tu Oct. 29, 2013

JavaScript (intro)

HW: Rehearse your presentation to self or a friend


Th Oct. 31, 2013

Student presentations in classroom


Tu Nov. 5, 2013

Remaining student presentations; Javascript intro

HW #8 (due Tu Nov. 12, 2013)


Th Nov. 7, 2013

JavaScript: How To, Output, Statements



Tu Nov. 12, 2013

JavaScript: Comments, Variables



Th Nov. 14, 2013

JavaScript: Variables, Data Types



Tu Nov. 19, 2013

JavaScript: Data Types

HW #9 (due Tu Nov. 26, 2013)


Th Nov. 21, 2013

JavaScript: Objects



Tu Nov. 26, 2013

JavaScript: Functions



Th Nov. 28, 2013




Tu Dec. 3, 2013

Student prezi presentations in the EAC



Th Dec. 5, 2013

Tu Dec. 17, 2013, 1:30–3:30

Scheduled final (F’13): If you are caught up on all assignments you do not need to attend.


Inheritance in JavaScript


·         Robotics: I have some robots we can use (no attendance, charge batteries ahead)

·         Copyright laws, music downloading, plagiarism… what is the real story?

·         Tour of the UALR Computational Research Center (with Albert Everett) (schedule it)

·         Virtual Reality Lab and/or Emerging Analytics Center ( (schedule it)

·         Tour of the GIT fabrication facility (with Ben Gilbert) ( (schedule it)

·         DNA extraction from a banana – making DNA in class (build up the lab kit)

·         Degree requirements: what courses do you need to take? (who/how/when is registration?)

·         Javascript: embedding code statements in web pages

·         Java: the most important programming language? (find exercise and test it and such)

·         Technology Innovation, a certificate offered by the college (really, what to do?)

·         Search engines (including Wolfram Alpha), including how they work

·         How to apply for jobs and UALR support available to you for this activity (,,;, Mike Kirk (schedule it)

·         “The Last Lecture” video (thoughts on life and school) 2 classes, discussion for part of one of them, and a HW

·         Excel spreadsheets with graphing and formulas

·         A valuable professional writing tip you probably won’t get in English class

·         Additional selected youtube videos – watch and discuss

·         Using Prezi and Powerpoint for polished presentations:, each student present something to class next time for HW

·         Why is so much medical research is wrong? A data-focused explanation

·         Creative problem solving – thinking outside the box

·         Teams and teamwork (the long arithmetic problem hands-on demo & spaghetti tower)

·         How to be optimistic and achieve more; & character and the workplace

·         ? Study skills: focusing on time management video (text file notes and transcript available)

·         Research integrity in universities: an interactive video


Other possible topics, e.g. for other sections or semesters

·         “Scavenger hunt” – go around the building and campus checking out locations

·         How long would it take for a Mars colony to overpopulate the planet? A spreadsheet approach.

·         What is science and what isn’t it?

·         How to read something that is too difficult to read

·         Tour of the UALR Writing Center

·         Social networking: from blogs and wikis to facebook

·         Tour of Mathematics Assistance Center

·         Anonymously write down general questions about succeeding in school and career. Discuss.

·         Project management

·         Bioinformatics, a minor offered by the college

·         Making a cardboard Rafikihedron and the key table of genetics