We want to welcome you to the Prezi Help System Tutorial. This system is designed to help you learn and create your own Prezi presentation. We've included awesome designing tips, information about the benefits of Prezi over PowerPoint, and helpful tips to use this software. You'll notice at the top of each web page that we've included tabs to help you get where you want to go sooner. In each Header you'll get a link to:

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Prezi is a mulit-media presentation tool that creates interactive presentations. It rivals other presentation applications such as PowerPoint because it offers a "zooming" effect on content. Not only does this give your presentation a creative new look, but it helps engage your audeience in what you are presenting.

Take a look at a presentation completed with the Prezi software. You'll notice all the cool zooming effects and ways your content can be emphasized.

So Welcome to the World of Prezi and get ready to explore the possibilities!

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