Allison Tschiemer

Name: Allison Tschiemer

Hometown: Dallas, TX

Undergraduate: Hendrix College

Program: Full-time and concurrent student – Juris Doctor/Master of Public Service

Graduation Year: 2020

Student Organizations: If/When/How: Lawyering for Reproductive Justice, Co-Coordinator; Student Wellness Society, Member; AAWL, Member

Bowen was the right choice

Although I am a proud Texan, as most Texans are, I have come to love living and learning in “The Natural State.”  I began researching the concurrent degree program with the Clinton School of Public Service and Bowen Law School and thought that this would be a challenging and engaging path forward in my educational journey. Bowen’s commitment to public service is a huge part of why I chose to attend. The size of the school allows us to develop relationships with the faculty and staff who have so far been very supportive and encouraging.

Not just a law student

After college graduation, I served for two years as an AmeriCorps member with the nonprofit organization City Year Little Rock which provides educational support in under-resourced communities. I served as an Algebra tutor for 9th grade students at McClellan High School. I loved my experience working with such inspiring students, and they are a great part of why I am at the Bowen School of Law. At the law school, I have also expanded my service commitment to reproductive justice. Concerned about the increasing obstacles that many Arkansas women face when accessing reproductive health care, I have volunteered with Planned Parenthood and Bowen’s If/When/How chapter. I attended the Spring Break on the Road to Justice initiative with Legal Aid in Springdale, Arkansas where we studied the Fair Housing Act and were trained as Fair Housing testers. We conducted tests to determine if discriminatory practices existed at the apartment complexes, and, sure enough, my partner and I experienced two very different tours at the same complex. I also try to attend as many expungement/record sealing events as possible.

Finding Inspiration

As a woman committed to social justice there are many different women who inspire me: from history, Joan of Arc; from literature, Maya Angelou; from movies, Julie Andrews; from science, Rachel Carson; from social activism, Angela Davis; from the judiciary, Ruth Bader Ginsburg; from politics, Shirley Chisholm. Also, as cliche as it may be, my mother has been my constant inspiration. She ensured that I never felt limited, and she inspired my passion for public service. Also, my students at McClellan High School inspire me: my students possess the biggest hearts and minds, and we share a vision of a more just and equitable world for all.

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