Joanie Michelle Jones-Harp

Name: Joanie Michelle Jones-Harp

Hometown: Little Rock, Arkansas

Undergraduate: Mississippi University for Women, Columbus, MS with a B.S. Microbiology

Program: Full-time 

Graduation Year: 2019

Student organizations: Secretary of the Environmental Law Society, Dean’s Fellow, Law Review

Not just a law student

I currently work as a Dean’s Fellow mentoring part-time 1Ls.  I also volunteer at the Arkansas Supreme Court when I have time in the Clerk of the Courts office with Stacey Pectol (Clerk of the Courts). I love knowing the work that goes on behind the scenes and to help out over there to review appellate briefs, write memos, and see what orders are being handed down.

Making a difference with the law

I am fascinated by all law and the daily impact on our lives and rights and look forward to expanding my knowledge areas to be able to give back to the community when I pass the bar.  My dream job would be patent litigation and one day to sit as a judge on the Patent Trial and Appeal Board (PTAB).  My goal is to have the best possible positive impact on my community and to inspire others to go out and have a positive impact on the lives of those around them and contribute to society.    

Bowen was the right choice

After visiting a few law school campuses, I found myself with the best school right here in Little Rock, Arkansas. The ability to get to know the students personally, the camaraderie of the community and faculty to ensure that you are successful is unmatched anywhere else. The curriculum and skills taught prepare Bowen students to be leaders and advocates. The student organizations are diverse and help students focus on areas of law that interest us, and the organizations work together to accomplish missions and goals. The Professional Mentoring Program has paired me with an alumnus who is helping me navigate both school and the profession.  

Finding Inspiration

My motto is, “it is the little things in life that can have the most profound impact.” I am constantly inspired by those around me.  For example, I was on my way to school one day and saw two drivers help a third push his stalled car from an intersection to a gas station. It was clear none of them knew each other, but they worked happily together. Seeing this kindness in action inspired me to do random acts of kindness for others. I’m also a TED Talk junkie and get inspired by those great lessons that teach me something I can share with others.

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