Bowen named a Best Value Law School for the eighth year in a row

National Jurist preLaw has named the UA Little Rock William H.  Bowen School of Law a Best Value Law School for the eighth consecutive year. In ranking schools, preLaw considers tuition, living expenses, graduate debt, employment rates, and two-year bar pass rates.

This year Bowen also ranked as a Top Business Law School. This is the first year for Bowen to make this list. In making this determination, National Jurist’s editors considered faculty reputations and course offerings for this academic year.

Bowen has also been named a 2018 Best Public Interest Law School.

One of the key notes in this year’s article is the value schools are providing to their students. This year, Bowen saw the start-up of its Rural Practice Incubator Program and the Heirs’ Property Preservation Project. The law school also welcomed three new faculty members who are well-known and well-respected scholars. “This list isn’t about bargain tuition,” said Bowen Dean Theresa Beiner. “It’s about schools who help their students pursue their passions by preparing them for practice without saddling them with monumental debt.”

This fall, Bowen saw a 23% increase in applicants over last year. In this year’s 1L class, 32% of the students are first-generation college graduates. In-state students make up approximately two-thirds of the incoming class.

“We’re glad to be on the list again,” said Beiner. “Bowen is a great law school, full of excellent students and professionals committed to access to justice, public service, and professionalism. We want to make sure our alumni thrive in their chosen professions.”

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