Appendix G: Syllabus Policy

A. Definition

A Syllabus is “a concise statement of the main points of a course of study or subject.”

B. Policy

On or before the first day of a scheduled law school course, the assigned faculty member shall provide a complete syllabus to each student enrolled in the course. The syllabus may be posted on the law school’s website, posted on the course website, or provided to students in hardcopy on the first day of class.

C. Contents

Each course syllabus should fully disclose the faculty member’s expectations and requirements of the students enrolled in the course and must include the following:

  1. the university-approved course prefix, number, description, and any course prerequisites;
  2. course objectives, including relevant student learning outcomes, which may be incorporated by reference;
  3. course requirements, including required and recommended textbooks, resources, and references;
  4. a list and description of student assignments and activities, which may be tentative;
  5. an academic integrity statement;
  6. an attendance policy and any late or make-up work policy, where relevant;
  7. the course grading policy;
  8. the method and scheduled hours the faculty member will be available to students for office hours;
  9. the university-approved inclement weather policy; and
  10. the university-approved disability statement.

This policy is consistent with the UA Little Rock Syllabus Policy, now contained in Syllabus, Office Hours, and Regular and Substantive Contact Policy 404.8, adopted January 19, 2018. The law school is exempt from UA Little Rock’s current Credit Hour Policy (404.11). In addition, seminars offered by the law school are not ad hoc courses within the meaning of policy 404.8.

D. Modifications

Any changes to the contents of the syllabus should be made in writing and distributed to students enrolled in the course in a timely manner.

Adopted April 9, 2015. Revised November 12, 2018.