Popular job fairs

Damali Diversity Job Fair. Nashville Bar Association – Watch for announcement from Career Services. For 1Ls only. In late fall or early spring.

Department of Justice Honors Program; Summer Law Intern Program (SLIP) – July through early September

Heartland Diversity Job Fair. Kansas City, Mo., Bar Association – Job Fair is early August; all students/recent grads welcomed. Registration ends mid-June.

Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender Bar Lavender Law Fair – Job Fair is mid-August. Registration starts mid-January

Indianapolis Bar Diversity Fair – Job Fair is in August.

OSCAR Judicial Clerkship application period – Fall of your graduation year. As of Nov 2013, judges set their own application deadlines.

Loyola Patent Law Interview Program – Embassy Suites, Chicago. Job Fair is late July/early August. Bowen CSO will announce registration.

Minnesota Minority Recruitment Conference

Rocky Mountain Diversity Legal Career Fair – Job Fair is mid-July. Registration is mid-April.

Southeastern Intellectual Property Job Fair – Watch for announcements from CSO. Job Fair is late July

Southeastern Minority Job Fair – Atlanta, SE Region NALP Law Schools. Job Fair is late July. Pre-registration is early April

Tennessee Bar Association Diversity Job Fair – Job Fair is mid-August. Registration ends late June