Rules for participating in OCIs

Student classification determined by earned hours. Career Services follows the classification by hours as determined by the administration:

  • First year – 0 – 17 hours
  • Second year – 18 – 53 hours
  • Third year – 54 – 90 hours

If you have questions about your “year status” as it relates to application opportunities including OCIs, please see us.

Your official class rank and GPA can only be calculated by the Registrar. You should not attempt to calculate your “official” rank yourself. A representation of your GPA or class rank which reflects other than that shown by the Registrar’s Office is false and may be considered an honor code violation. “Rounding up” is not ethical. If you want to put a better “spin” on your academic information or if you want to complete a resume before the semester’s information is available, please see us for suggestions. Update your resume at least once per semester to reflect your changed GPA and rank, class status, contact information, and recent employment and activities. Inaccurate resumes (GPA, rank, etc.) should not be released to employers.

HIRE Bowen registration: your profile and job search credentials. To participate in on-campus interviewing, you must register with HIRE Bowen. This includes completing your profile and uploading a resume. You should also upload a short writing sample (up to 10 pages) and your most recent grade sheet/unofficial transcript. Some jobs or on-campus interviews will also require a cover letter.

Keep documents updated. If you’ve updated your resume, please upload the new version to HIRE Bowen.  Old resumes reflect outdated GPAs or may not show important new honors and activities. It is important to put your best foot forward with the accurate information.

Meet the interview criteria. Employers state their criteria for interviewing. If they require a 3.0 and you have a 2.9, please don’t drop your resume for that interview. An employer’s OCI hiring criteria in the listing will indicate if they are willing to consider those who don’t meet their criteria.  Be aware of words like preferred vs required.

If you can’t keep the scheduled interview email or call us. If you must miss an appointment due to an emergency, call 501-916-5419 or email prior to your appointment time.  Failure to keep an interview appointment without notifying Career Services prior to the appointment may result in your inability to interview on-campus again during that interview seasonFailure to show for or call prior to missing a scheduled interview is irresponsible and reflects poorly on you and Bowen.