Real Property I

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LAW 6313
3 credit hour(s)
Bar Exam Tested

Real Property I (three credit hours) and Real Property II (two credit hours) introduce students to the doctrines of adverse possession, estates and future interests, landlord-tenant, contracts for sale, mortgages, deeds, title assurance, easements, restrictive covenants, rights incident to the ownership of real property, land use, eminent domain and takings law. Additional assessed learning outcomes include: 1) comprehending cases and statutes to extract governing legal rules, harmonize apparently conflicting authorities, and recognize genuinely conflicting authorities; 2) applying governing legal principles to factual situations, including being able to identify and formulate issues and to develop potential legal solutions; 3) drafting a warranty deed; 4) communicating effectively in writing by presenting material in a clear, concise, well-organized, and professional manner that is appropriate to the audience and circumstances; and 5) engaging in effective problem solving by working cooperatively as part of a team, identifying and diagnosing problems, generating alternative solutions and strategies, and developing and implementing plans of action.