COVID-19 Faculty Resources

Teaching Resources

Connected with Hybrid Zoom (from Heartland Community College)

A Dry Run at a Socially Distanced Classroom (from Inside Higher Ed)

A Guide to Resources for Teaching Online (curated by Susan Landrum, Assistant Dean, Nova Southeastern University Shepard Broad College of Law)

How to Engage Students in a Hybrid Classroom (from The Chronicle of Higher Education)

How to Use Active Learning in an Online Lecture (from

Suggestions from colleagues

Taking Attendance on Zoom (Bowen training document)

Tips & Tricks: Teachers Educating on Zoom (from Zoom)

Tools that Deliver the Human Touch (from

What to do if you are diagnosed with COVID-19

If you have been diagnosed with COVID-19, complete this form.

Contacting IT Services

The law school’s IT Services email address is:

Please email us if you need assistance:

  •  accessing lecture captures
  •  using lecture capture (Echo 360) while off-campus
  •  using Zoom for online classes
  •  uploading presentations and materials
  •  electronic exams and quizzes
  •  issues with your personal computer used for law school
  •  other possible School of Law ITS-related issues

If it is an urgent (same-day) request or especially an emergency, please SUBMIT AN EMAIL TICKET (at and THEN call our office 501-916-3995.

How to send an email to an entire class

At the beginning of each semester, UA Little Rock builds email lists for each class. These lists are automatically updated each day and have all the class’ students and faculty member subscribed. Anyone subscribed can send to the class via this list. They are set up as “Discussion Lists,” which means replies to emails go to the entire list, NOT just the original sender. Steve Hyatt and Michael Flannery can send to these lists as well.

How to send:

The format for the email address is where CCCC is either LAW or LAWB, XXXX is your course number and YY is the section number. All of this information can be found on your class roster.

For instance:

RWA II taught by Spence this semester is LAWB638115@UALR.EDU.  6381 is the course number and it is section 15.

Conflict of Laws taught by Mader is LAW635630@UALR.EDU. 6356 is the course number and 30 is the section number.

Video and audio recording sources

  • Echo360 “Active Learning Platform” aka Lecture Capture: Livestream can be enabled, as well as video from other sources uploaded such as those listed below.
    • Recommended.
    • To access Echo360:
      • Go to
      • Use your email address initially, it will direct to the UALR NetID login page (as long as you are registered)
      • Log-in with your netID and password
      • If you are not registered or if you do not know your netID and password (or if your log-in just loops you back to the log-in page):
        • email
        • put “Help with Lecture Capture access” in the subject line.
        • Put your name, your preferred telephone number,  and your class information in the body of the email.
      • Echo360 mobile app also available (iOS & Android) for watching captures published to a course.
        • Directly shared captures are only available via the web portal.
  • Zoom ( The School of Law has a number of premium licenses for hosting sessions.
    • Recommended.
  • Hangouts Meet: This is highly discouraged at this time. Contact IT Services ( for details.
  • Mobile phone or tablet recordings, and portable video recorders and audio recorders.
    • Video (or audio) can be recorded and uploaded from your computer or mobile device using the Echo360 mobile app (for iOS and Android)
  • Snagit (
    • Features made available for free for a limited time.

Taking attendance online

To determine attendance, the Zoom registration feature will generate a list of attendees, although you can simply take a photo on your cell phone of who is in the class at the time.

Forwarding your phone

If you are working from home, please forward your office phone to your mobile or home phone. Instructions.