Kim Vu-Dinh

Assistant Professor of Clinical Education; Business Innovations Clinic Director
BA, 2000, University of California, Berkeley; JD, 2004, CUNY School of Law
Room 105D | Phone: 501-916-5468 | Email
Assistant: Dylan Gibson | Room 105 | Phone: 501-916-5404 | Email

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Kim Vu-Dinh

Kim Vu-Dinh is thrilled to return to the people, food, and culture of the American South. Currently, she focuses on clinical teaching in the Business Innovations Clinic, a program she designed from its inception to foster economic development through small business and non-profit capacity-building.  She also teaches Property II through the innovative, team-based learning method, has guest-lectured in Business Associations, and Foundations of Public Service.  She has also designed and teaches a course entitled, “Social Enterprises: Can Greed be Good?” in the Master’s Degree in Public Service program at the Clinton School of Public Service.  Prior to that, she was a Eugene Ludwig/Robert M. Cover Fellow in Law in the Community and Economic Development Clinic at Yale Law School. Professor Vu-Dinh worked extensively in post-Katrina New Orleans with nonprofits and small, local businesses developing affordable housing and community-based commercial projects, first as non-profit staff, and later as consultant through her firm Community Capacity Consulting. She is also an adjunct instructor at Tulane University’s Sustainable Real Estate Development Program, and the Founder/Owner/Janitor of Milo Records New Orleans. Professor Vu-Dinh also worked in the public sector for six years in Alaska first as a law clerk and eventually as a public defender. She holds a B.A. from University of California at Berkeley and a JD from CUNY School of Law. Her current research focuses on inclusive economics as a civil right, and innovations of financial and legal infrastructure that can address the needs of the under-represented and underbanked.  She has published in the peer-reviewed Business and Finance Law Review of George Washington Law School, and the I edited and run by students of Duke Law School.

Professor Vu-Dinh’s international experience includes an appointment as a Fulbright Specialist to the University of Applied Sciences in Ferizaj, Kosovo, where she provided consulting services to assist the institution in creating an academic social enterprise that incubates local business while simultaneously giving students a hands-on learning experience, and generating income for the newly-created academic institution.

One of her proudest achievements is the work the Business Innovations Clinic has done in creating Innov-Eat Café.  Through this program, the Clinic links food businesses to capacity-building consulting services at UALR’s Arkansas Small Business and Tech Development Center; the Clinic then provides necessary transactional legal assistance, and then the businesses can sell their products at Innov-Eat Café, located at the campus’ previously under-utilized bookstore.  Ideas for the project name and logo were developed by students and staff, and selected through a vote.  Innov-Eat Café is now a place where food businesses can grow, and healthy, delicious, and affordable food options are now available to anyone on campus.


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