Bowen Summer Student Success Course

Photo credit: Jacob Slaton

Instead of reading books about the stressful rigors law school, why not take a course that prepares you to succeed in law school? Bowen’s free Summer Student Success Course is open to all admitted students and runs for 6 weeks during the summer before your first semester. This course is designed to introduce students to fundamental legal civics concepts, provide practice and feedback on critical thinking writing exercises and provide resources for starting your first year with the right mindset to put you on a path to success.

Admitted students will receive the course details and registration requirements in mid-May of summer before they start law school. All students are encouraged to enroll in this free course to get a jumpstart on their legal education.

The 2018 Summer Writing Course will run from June 11th to July 20th and will be taught online through Blackboard.

Required Class Textbook:
Legal Analysis: The Fundamental Skill, 2nd Ed.
David S. Romantz & Kathleen Elliott Vinson