Circulation and Access

Circulating Materials

You may borrow an unlimited number of library materials at any one time. Most materials check out to you until the end of the academic year. At your request, a library staff member will check out and deliver requested items to your office or retrieve items you wish to return. Contact your liaison or Associate Dean Jessie Burchfield, law library director, to request an item.

Non-circulating items, such as digests, encyclopedias, indices, statutes, reference, or reserve items may be checked out for one week by making special arrangements with Jessie or your liaison. These items must be kept in your office and are subject to immediate recall upon the request of another user.

Case reporters, law reviews, parts of multi-volume sets (i.e., Wright and Miller), and looseleaf materials can be checked out until the end of the academic year. These items must be kept in your office and are also subject to immediate recall in the event that another library user needs them.

If any of the above items are recalled a library staff member will first contact you to request the item’s return. If you are not available, either a librarian or the library director’s assistant will access your office to look for the book. Other library staff members or students will never enter your office. Any items retrieved from your office will be returned to you at the earliest possible moment.

Single volume treatises (monographs) and audiovisual materials check out until the end of the academic year. You may take these items out of the building. However, they are subject to 48-hour recall if another library user requests them.

You may check out materials from the UALR Ottenheimer Library for one semester at a time. You must present your UALR campus ID card to check out materials at Ottenheimer.

Interlibrary Loan (ILL)

If the Library does not own a book or periodical, or if an item is otherwise unavailable, we can attempt to borrow it or have copied pages sent from another library upon your request via ILL. Please contact Professor Jeff Woodmansee or your liaison to request an item. You may also place ILL requests directly through our website.

Because ILL books are borrowed from other libraries, it is important that you comply with the instructions provided on the front of the borrowed books. Please request renewals at least one week in advance of the due date so that we can make arrangements with the lending library. Whether a renewal is granted is at the discretion of the lending library.

Faculty Reserve

If you would like to place books or other materials on faculty reserve, please contact Sherry O’Connor, cataloging assistant. Please notify her at least 24 hours before you tell your students about the reserve items, so she will have time to process the materials. You may also leave materials for faculty reserve at the Circulation Desk for delivery to her. Please have the materials clearly labeled with your name and the name of the course.

Recent Acquisitions

To make new books more easily available, recent acquisitions are shelved in the “New Books” section of the library before being permanently shelved. New books are moved to the permanent collection after one to two months.

Audiovisual Materials

The library offers a variety of audio and video tapes, CDs and DVDs. You can see DVDs and selected audio recordings in a reading room display. Also, your liaison can help you locate any relevant audiovisual materials. You may check these items out for your own use, or use them in class. If you recommend a video to your students, please consider placing it on faculty reserve so that we can ensure equal access.