The UALR Law Review Selects Student Notes for Publication in Volume 35

The following authors will be published in Volume 35 of the UALR Law Review:

Ryne Ballou–“CIVIL PROCEDURE–Be More Specific: Vague Precedents and the Differing Standards by Which to Apply ‘Arises out of or Relates to’ in the Test for Specific Personal Jurisdiction”

Luke Burton–“CIVIL PROCEDURE–Property Improvement Claims–A History and Recommendation for Arkansas’s Lone True Statute of Repose”

Kate Fletcher–“FIRST AMENDMENT–Social Media Rams the Tinker Schoolhouse Gate: A New Approach for Online Student Speech”

T.J. Fosko–“Buying a Lie: The Harms and Deceptions of Ghostwriting”

Cassie Howell–“CONSTITUTIONAL LAW–Braving Confrontation: Arkansas’s Progressive Position Regarding Criminal Defendants’ Confrontation Rights at Sentencing”

David Jung–“Solidifying Arkansas Liquidated Damage Law After S.O.G.-San Ore-Gardner v. Missouri Pacific Railroad Company: It’s Not All Water Under the Bridge”

Sidney Leasure–“CRIMINAL LAW–Teenage Sexting in Arkansas: How Special Legislation Addressing Sexting Behavior in Minors Can Salvage Arkansas’s Teens’ Futures”

Kitty Malcolm-Cone–“FAMILY LAW–Egg Donation and Stem Cell Research–Eggs for Sale: The Scrambled State of Legislation in the Human Egg Market”

Andy Marshall–“TRUSTS AND ESTATE LAW–Trust Protectors–Increasing Flexibility and Security While Decreasing Uncertainty of Liabilities for Doing So: How Amending Ark. Code Ann. 28-73-808 to Better Conform with the Modern Trend of Clarifying Trust Protection Could Effectively End the Fiduciary Guessing Game in Arkansas”

Tom Wyatt–“EMPLOYMENT LAW–Employment Discrimination–Unnecessarily Duplicative: Has the Sixth Circuit Gone Too Far in Upholding an Employer’s Ability to Require Incumbent Employees to Provide Doctor’s Notes After Taking Sick Leave? Lee v. City of Columbus, 636 F.3d 245 (6th Cir. 2011).”

The following authors will be published in the online edition of the UALR Law Review:

Erin Anderson–“ADMINISTRATIVE LAW–‘How Could You Be So “Hart”-less?’: The Circuit Split over Social Security Benefits for Posthumously Conceived Children”

Matthew Ford–“HEALTH LAW–Economic Credentialing of Physicians–The Supreme Court of Arkansas’s Decision in Baptist Health v. Murphy and Its Impact on a Hospital’s Ability to Make Credentialing Decisions: What Truly Is Best for Patients? Baptist Health v. Murphy, 2010 Ark. 358, __ S.W.3d __, ___”

Abtin Mehdizadegan–“CONSTITUTIONAL LAW–Proactive Cell Phone Security Policies in the Workplace: Avoid Liability as Hi-Tech Devices Hack the Fourth Amendment.”