The UALR Law Review Selects Student Notes for Publication in Volume 36

The following authors will be published in Volume 36 of the UALR Law Review:

Katie Burch — “EDUCATION — Student-Teacher Relationships — Should Teachers Be Held to a Higher Standard? Understanding the Laws Governing Sexual Relationships Between Students and Teachers in Primary and Secondary Schools. Paschal v. State, 2012 Ark. 127, 388 S.W.3d 429″

Nikki Cox — “SCHOOL INTEGRATION REFORM — A Call for Desegregation Policies That Are More Than Skin Deep”

Justin Craig — “MUNICIPAL LAW — Municipal Police Power & Its Adverse Effects on Small Businesses in Arkansas: A Proposal for Reform”

Kate Hendrix — “BANKRUPTCY — Confusion and Ambiguity: The Post-BAPCPA Uncertainty Concerning the Ride-Through Option in the Eighth Circuit”

Pierce Hunter — “CONSTITUTIONAL LAW — Unauthorized Practice of Law: Driving Legal Business Without a License, LegalZoom, Inc., and Campbell v. Asbury Automotive, Inc., 2011 Ark. 157, 381 S.W.3d 21″

Jarred Kibbey — “HEALTH LAW — A Call for the Arkansas General Assembly to Modernize the Standard of Care Requirement in Medical Malpractice Cases. Broussard v. St. Edward Mercy Health System, Inc., 2012 Ark. 14, ___ S.W.3d ___”

Katie Lestage — “CONTRACT LAW — No Faith in Arkansas’s Approach to the Implied Duty of Good Faith. Arkansas Research Medical Testing, LLC v. Osborne, 2011 Ark. 158, 2011 WL 1423993″

Kathy McCarroll — “CIVIL PROCEDURE — Personal Jurisdiction in Arkansas and the Eighth Circuit After Goodyear Dunlop Tires Operations v. Brown and J. McIntyre Machinery v. Nicastro: Staying the Course”