Additional Classes

  • Leadership
    Intended for current and aspiring leaders, this course explores the practical aspects of running a local union, including conducting effective meetings and parliamentary procedure, analyzing leadership styles, planning and making effective decisions, and understanding power relationships.
  • Family and Medical Leave Act
    Employee and employer rights and responsibilities under the Act are examined and explained. Topics include notices and forms, definition of a serious health condition, medical certification and recertification, intermittent leave, substitution of paid leave, and negotiating FMLA policies.
  • Americans with Disabilities
    Understand who is covered by the ADA and explore the union’s role in reasonable accommodations, monitoring and negotiating job descriptions and lists of essential functions, advocating for ergonomic adjustments, and using available resources.
  • Labor Law for Local Unions
    Aspects of the National Relations Act crucial to local unions are examined, including the special status of union representatives, grievance procedure protections, rights to information, representational rights in disciplinary interviews, solicitation and distribution of literature (including e-mails and social media), and the duty of fair representation.
  • Why Unions Still Matter
    The historic accomplishments of the labor movement and organized labor’s on-going contribution to America’s economic and political life are examined in this multi-media presentation.


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