OER Mini Grant Award Winners

We are pleased to announce the inaugural recipients of the Open Educational Textbook Mini Grant. The grant is made possible through a partnership between Collections & Archives, eLearning & Scholarly Technology and Resources. Our purpose is to provide and promote the use of pedagogical content that will assist online instructors with acquiring exceptional course materials, create innovate learning through collaboration, promote student retention and reduce costs.

From their areas of expertise, faculty members submitted proposals for either a full or partial amount of an existing online course for open educational resource adoption. Over the summer, recipients will develop their course materials as OER content. The OER Alternative Textbook Mini Grants, contingent on approval, are $750 to $1,500 and may be used at a department’s discretion to support online programming efforts. Additionally, faculty share in the OER commitment to implement new OER content, participate in campus presentations, panels, and take part in Open Education Week in spring 2018.

Kudos to our educational innovators!

Amar Kanekar, Assistant Professor and Graduate Coordinator, HHPS-CEHP

Euchay Ngozi Horsman, Assistant Professor, CNSL-CEHP

Bennie Prince, Advanced Assistant Professor, HHPS-CEHP

LaVerne Bell-Tolliver, Ph.D., Associate Professor, SOWK-CEHP

Daryl Tate, Ed.D., Assistant Professor, LSTE-CEHP

James Vander Putten, Ph.D., Professor, HIED-CEHP

Kamran Iqbal, Ph.D., Professor, SYEN-DCEIT

Jeff Carmack, RN, Assistant Professor, NURS-CEHP

Neveen Shafeek Amin, Ph.D., SOCI-CSSC

Andrew Deiser, Ph.D., SPAN-CALS

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