Changes Made to Library Website

Over the course of the summer, changes to the Ottenheimer Library website will be made. The goal of the website redesign will be to have a cleaner look and remove of any duplicate information.


This project began in Fall 2016 after the eLearning Librarian conducted a survey about awareness of library services and resources for students enrolled in UA Little Rock Online programs.

The survey results indicated that the Ottenheimer Library website needed to be redesigned to be more intuitive and user-friendly so that services and resources are more “findable.”

Usability Testing

In order to obtain evidence-based conclusions, the eLearning Librarian collaborated with a student team in the RHET 437-Usability, Testing, and Design class in Spring 2017 to conduct a usability test of the library’s website.

The test plan is designed to examine the Ottenheimer Library website ( using the Quesenbery 5Es:

Effective: Can users effectively complete goals?
Efficient: Can users complete goals quickly?
Engaging: Do users enjoy using the website?
Error Tolerant: Can the user perform tasks correctly or find resources for help if they need it?
Easy to Learn: Can users use the website correctly the first time they use the website and continue easy learning through future use.

The team recruited ten participants (4 undergraduate, 3 graduate, and 3 faculty) and the usability testing occurred between March 15th and April 10th.

The final usability testing report may be found here.

Moving Forward

The eLearning Librarian will collaborate with the Office of Digital Strategy and Information Technology Services to ensure a smooth transition to the new design. The goal is to complete the redesign by the end of summer and ensure the new site is active for the fall semester.


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