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Did you know that The Ottenheimer Library offers some Core Class textbooks for you to checkout for use in the Library? We know the cost of textbooks can sometimes be overwhelming, so we’re here to help! Checkout the newly added list below of textbooks you can find at the Library! For a full list of courses and books, go to: and type in your course name or number.


ARHA 2305

Introduction to Visual Art

Gateways to Art: Understanding 3RD EDITION
BIOL 3300


Genetics Essentials.  4TH EDITION
ENGL 2337

World Literature

Sovereignty and Goodness of God
ENGL 2339


World of Myth. 3RD EDITION
ENGL 3330

Approaches to Literature

Approaching Literature: Reading, Thinking, Writing
ERSC 1302

Physical Geology

Essentials of Geology.  6TH EDITION
GNST 2300

Introduction to Gender Studies

Underground Girls of Kabul. 14TH EDITION
HIST 2312

US History Since 1877

Fortress America: How We Embraced Fear

Dixie’s Daughters: The United Daughters

MCOM 2306

Introduction to Motion Pictures

Film Art. 17TH EDITION
PHIL 2320

Ethics and Society

Practical Companion to Ethics
POLS 1310

American National Government

New American Democracy
PSYC 2300

Psychology and the Human Experience

Psychology. 12th EDITION
SOCI 2300

Introduction to Sociology

Ten Lessons in Introductory Sociology. 2ND EDITION

Thirty Readings in Introductory Sociology. 2ND EDITION

THEA 2305

Introduction to Theatre & Dance

Theatre: The Lively Art. 10TH EDITION


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