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Diversity Month Presentation:

“Putting the Pieces Together: A look at how Universal Design for Learning, Open
Educational Resources, and Affordable Learning Content work together to benefit
students and faculty”

Program Presenter: Hannah Hurdle, Library E-Learning Specialist
Contact Information:

As educators, we are often challenged to design and deliver curriculum for an
increasingly diverse and unique student population. Every student learns in a different
way and can benefit from having a myriad of learning formats to choose from. Universal
Design for Learning (UDL) framework provides a variety of strategies to help
meet diverse learning needs, improve accessibility to learning opportunities, and
increase student success. Moreover, UDL incorporates a wide range of teaching
methods to remove barriers to learning and to offer all students, regardless of their
backgrounds, experience, and prior knowledge, equal opportunities to succeed.
Using Open Educational Resources (OER) and Affordable Learning Content (ALC)
offers an incredible way to improve student success. First, OER provides access to
content like videos, activities, interactive content, case studies, animations, audio,
illustrations, assessments, and more which offer various ways for students to interact
with content. Second, faculty can intentionally seek content with different perspectives
and those that represent our diverse student population for increased engagement.
Third, OER and ALC can help reduce financial barriers by offering low cost or free
alternatives to textbooks. This workshop will cover basics of OER, ALC, and UDL and
how faculty can improve student learning by using OER content to design and deliver
curriculum for an increasingly diverse and unique student population.
STaR and Ottenheimer Library offer assistance to faculty who need assistance with
discovering and evaluating OER or ALC and support UDL framework for inclusive

Date and Time: March 15, 3:00 p.m. (Central Time)
Program Format: Virtual
Location: Zoom

Register Here:

Once you have registered, a link will be provided to attend the virtual presentation

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