Laptop Circulation Guidelines

Borrowing Eligibility

Ottenheimer Library will check out laptops to currently active UA Little Rock students, faculty and staff in good standing with no overdue items or outstanding fines.  Laptops are available on a first-come, first-served basis.  No reservations will be accepted.

Check to see if a laptop is available.


All laptops are checked out at the first floor desk.  Laptops and carrying cases (with power cord and laptop lock) are checked out as two separate items.  Violations of the guidelines below may result in revocation of laptop borrowing privileges.

  • Laptops and carrying cases (with power cord and laptop lock) may be checked out for three hours for use within the library.
  • Library laptops cannot leave the building at any time and must be promptly returned to the desk when due.  All laptops must be returned one hour prior to closing.
  • Patrons may only check out one laptop at a time and must be the sole user of the equipment.
  • Users are responsible for the laptop and peripherals at all times.
  • Laptops should never be left unattended.  Any unattended laptops found by library staff not secured with a laptop lock will be brought back to the desk and checked back in.
  • Laptop check-outs may be renewed when no other patrons are waiting.
  • Patrons should report any hardware or software problems to the library staff immediately.

IMPORTANT:  Users should save all personal data to an external source such as a USB memory device frequently when using a laptop to prevent data loss.  Ottenheimer Library is not responsible for any lost data and will not take any steps to retrieve or otherwise safeguard against any personal data loss.

Replacement Cost

Users are responsible for full replacement costs of any laptop and/or peripherals that are damaged, lost, or stolen while in their possession.  Laptops and peripherals that are taken out of the building or are not returned to the circulation desk at the time of closing will be considered stolen and the UA Little Rock Department of Public Safety will be notified.  The replacement cost for a lost or damaged laptop will be $1,500.