Media Table Use Guidelines

The media tables of the Ottenheimer Library are intended to support academic group work of library users. To facilitate the appropriate and equitable use of the tables, the library has established the following priorities.

  • Groups (of 2 or more) using the display monitors have priority for use of the group media tables.
  • Groups (of 2 or more) that are using the group media tables for academic purposes have priority over groups that are using the tables for recreational purposes. Groups engaged in gaming or other recreational uses will be asked to relinquish the table to groups needing the table for academic purposes.
  • Individuals may use the media tables but will be asked to relinquish the table if a group (of 2 or more) needs to use the table/monitor and there are no vacant media tables.
  • Group media tables are available on a first-come basis and may not be reserved or held by one user waiting for a group.