RRCNA Research Grants Awarded, 2012

Writing-in-Response-to-Reading Using the Guided Reading Plus Intervention Model and its Correlational Effects on Selecting Students for Reading Recovery

Dr. Janet Behrend, Reading Recovery trainer at the Center for Literacy, and Dr. Susan Perry, Reading Recovery teacher leader at the Arkansas River Education Service Cooperative, were awarded a $4950.00 research grant from the Reading Recovery Council of North America. The study investigated the effects of a small group intervention that includes writing in response to reading (Guided Reading Plus) on potential second round Reading Recovery children’s subsequent eligibility for Reading Recovery and their rate of progress in Reading Recovery and included an in-depth investigation of the children’s writing development. Dr. Behrend and Dr. Perry reported preliminary results at the 2013 national Reading Recovery conference in Columbus, Ohio in February. The findings will be published in late 2013.


RRCNA Research Grant Awarded, 2012
Processing Rhythms in Beginning Readers: A Spectrographic Examination of Oral Text Reading Behaviors on Easy and Challenging Texts

Laura Juhl, doctoral student in the UALR Reading Program and Linda Dorn, Professor of Reading, received a grant for $4630.00 from the Reading Recovery Council of North America to purchase spectrographic software and testing materials to examine the oral reading behaviors of beginning readers. The study used a qualitative comparative method to describe the biological processing rhythms of beginning readers as they read texts that increased in complexity. Preliminary results of spectrographic waveforms indicate that the processing rhythm is interrupted as the reader encounters difficulty at point of error, and is re-established after the self-correction is made. The research will be completed in June, 2013 and will be written for publication.

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