Learning About the Comprehensive Intervention Model Through Video Conferencing

teleconferenceOver 300 educators in 24 remote locations across 13 states utilized Cloud video conferencing to participate in professional development on the Comprehensive Intervention Model (CIM). The CIM is a systemic design for identifying and diagnosing reading problems and includes a portfolio of evidence-based interventions for struggling readers in elementary and middle grades. Dr. Linda Dorn, Professor of Reading and Director of the Center, and Carla Soffos, University Clinical Coach, presented the research on vocabulary development and shared procedures for implementing explicit vocabulary instruction into the small group interventions. Participating in the training were literacy coaches, university trainers, teacher leaders, and interventionists from Wisconsin, Washington State, Indiana, Missouri, Iowa, Illinois, Kentucky, Maine, Georgia, Tennessee, Wyoming, California, and Arkansas. Through the use of Cloud video conferencing, the UALR Center for Literacy brings together CIM educators across the country to refine their knowledge and craft for increasing the literacy gains of struggling readers.

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