Literacy Workshops

A variety of professional development opportunities are available at UALR through the Center for Literacy. Statewide PD offerings, developed by literacy specialists from the Arkansas Department of Education, education services cooperatives and Reading Recovery Teacher Leaders are aligned to and focused on big shifts in instruction under the Common Core State Standards for English Language Arts/Literacy and other literacy topics of high interest to Arkansas educators. The targeted literacy topics provide guidance and support for K-5 educators for developing and sustaining a comprehensive literacy system at the local level.

Reading Recovery Teacher Leaders/ADE Literacy Specialists, housed at the University of Arkansas at Little Rock, will provide training this summer across a range of targeted literacy modules. Educators can register online and either attend on-site or participate via (a video conferencing platform). All offerings for Summer 2015 are free. The registration form can be faxed to 501-569-8516 or emailed to the lead presenter. For additional information about any session, please email the lead presenter.