Writing-in-Response to Reading Using Guided Reading Plus Intervention and Correlational Effects on Selecting Students for Reading Recovery

The study used a mixed-methods design to investigate the influence of the Guided Reading Plus small group intervention on potential second round Reading Recovery (RR) children’s subsequent eligibility for services and their rate of progress following small group instruction. A secondary purpose was to conduct an in-depth analysis of the children’s writing development over time. At the end of the intervention, 27 students scored at or near reading proficiency and were no longer eligible for Reading Recovery services; 2 students were identified as needing special education with a specific learning disability in both reading and math, and 1 child qualified to receive special education services under Other Health Impairment. The remaining 7 students were referred for Reading Recovery intervention with 6 students being discontinued. Based on the Continuum of Writing Development and Writing Behavior Checklists by Dorn and Soffos (2012), the researchers noted a significant change in the students’ writing progression that moved them from the emergent level to the late early level of writing over the course of the study. The study has been submitted for publication.