Mail Services reports survey results

In November, Mail Services conducted an online survey to solicit feedback from the campus community regarding the services it provides. The IOG Survey Research Center coordinated this survey to ensure that all relevant UALR stakeholders were reached.

The overall response was that Mail Services is doing a great job and the vast majority of respondents indicated that they were happy with the department and its staff. However, several recommendations were made, for which Mail Services would like to respond.

Add exterior signs. Mail Services is pleased to report that cost estimates and design ideas have been gathered and the new sign will be installed in the near future.

Sell more first class stamps. In the past, Mail Services only allowed the purchase of one book of stamps per person, per day. Due to customer demand and an increase in need, the daily limit was increased to two books per person, per day. This new policy seems to meet the majority of needs of the campus community. However, with advanced notice, Mail Services can order additional books of stamps to meet your needs.

Install secure mail slot in front lobby. During the recent remodeling of the lobby, mail slots were installed in the front counter, allowing individuals to drop their outgoing mail into a secure cabinet. Slots are available for both inter-campus and off-campus mail delivery.

Offer credit card services. Mail Services is investigating the cost of providing this service and the current level of need of the campus community. If it is determined there is sufficient need then this service will be implemented.

Sell money orders. After researching this service, it was discovered that Mail Services cannot sell USPS money orders because they are not a USPS official post office. Other avenues to sell money orders are being researched and it is hopeful that Mail Services will be able to sell them soon.

Return FedEx and UPS services for personal shipping. For several years, FedEx and UPS personal shipping service was provided, which allowed individuals to pay for and ship personal items through the Mail Services office. However, these companies began charging fees to UALR due to the large number of incorrect shipping addresses that were being supplied. Because these fees were substantial, this service was discontinued. Daily pickup for prepaid packages with FedEx and UPS labels is still available from Mail Services or you can use the drop boxes located at the corner of Stabler Hall.

Mail Services is pleased to be of service to the campus community and continually looks for ways to improve its professional services provided. Your comments, suggestions, or questions are welcome and should be directed to Scott Kaufman, director of Mail Services, at 501.569.8916 or

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