Postal facility closings may impact your mail delivery

The United States Postal Service is facing significant cost cutting strategies all over the country that will certainly be felt here in Arkansas.

Their goal is to reduce the number of mail processing facilities across the country from 417 in 2012 to less than 250 after 2014. This means that mail will travel slower through the mail stream and all of us will encounter these delays at some point in the future, including here at UALR.

Mailers who have a clear view of how their mail is delivered to different parts of the country can anticipate what these delays are going to do to their campaigns. When mailing time sensitive documents and parcels, please consider these new challenges or alternatively, consider sending them via a special carrier, such as FedEx. UALR Mail Services does offer FedEx services to campus departments only.

First class and bulk mail especially will see more delays as time goes on. Please check with UALR Mail Services (501.569.8699; and visit the United States Postal Service website ( for more information.

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