Annual Report 2016-2017

College Mission:

The College of Business provides quality business education, delivered by research engaged faculty in partnership with the business community, to prepare students for professional careers and enhance regional economic development.

Strategic Initiatives

  • Provide students with core business competency, discipline based knowledge, demonstrable, practical skills to enable/improve their professional careers.
  • Involve students in experiential and application based learning through partnerships with the business community and external constituents.
  • Support students’ professional development opportunities through investment in Career and Student Services and engagement with external partners.
  • Engage in applied, teaching and learning, and discovery scholarship.
  • Participate in and provide expertise to the external community and business profession.
  • Continuously improve through assurance of learning and response to the educational needs of our region.
  • Advance professional development opportunities for faculty and staff.

College Values:

  • Respect for our diverse students, colleagues, and communities
  • Integrity in our professional conduct
  • Commitment to continuous improvement
  • Accountability for our actions and results

College Vision:

The College of Business serves as a catalyst to advance education and economic development in the state of Arkansas.



  • The Department of Management is a major player in the newly implemented UALR Online offering 2 of the 10 undergraduate degrees, Management and Human Resource Management.
  • An interdisciplinary Conflict Management graduate certificate was developed and approved. For Fall 2016, enrollment was 7.
  • The Human Resource/Organizational Psychology graduate certificate has grown to over 15 enrolled.
  • The face-to-face and online Management and Human Resource Management degree options continue to maintain strong demand.


  • 9 articles were published in academic journals.
  • 15 presentations were given at academic conferences.
  • 12 presentations were conducted for community groups.


  • The management faculty reviewed 12 academic journal articles.
  • Over 23 faculty development events were attended.
  • Otmar Varela received the college level Faculty Excellence Teaching Award.
  • Joe Felan serves on the State Board of Directors for Jr. Achievement of Arkansas.
  • Karen Leonard spoke at an HRMA monthly meeting.
  • Joe Bell provided mentorship to local entrepreneurs.
  • Human Resource and Management faculty provided professional assistance for the fall and spring Central Arkansas Human Resource Association Job Fairs.
  • Five faculty were involved in business consulting with the eight organizations including three non-profits.

Student Success

  • The following were recognized as Outstanding Students:
    1. Brandi Stricklin (Human Resource Management)
    2. Autumn Clark (Innovation and Entrepreneurship)
    3. Sara Udron (Management)
  • Four students completed co-ops/internships in management
  • Eight students provided support at the Arkansas Human Resource Management conference.
  • Brittany Wright and Josh Rucker placed 1st in the Arkansas Society of Human Resources Case Competition.
  • The UALR HR Society was recognized by SHRM as a Superior Merit chapter for 2016-2017.

Faculty in the Department of Management fully participated in assessment activities of the college throughout the year including:

  • Continued implementation of a revised undergraduate core and MBA assessment plan and processes.
  • Collection of assessment data in courses including MGMT 3404 AND mgmt. 4380.
  • Evaluation of assessment documents.
  • Analysis of MFT results as related to department curriculum.
  • Curriculum change based on assessment findings.

The following learning goals/objectives were assessed:

  • OBJECTIVE 1 Students will demonstrate effective written communication skills.


  • OBJECTIVE 3.1 Students will identify an ethical dilemma and identify the impact on identified stakeholders.
  • OBJECTIVE 3.2 Students will analyze alternative actions and consequences of behavior based on an identified Ethical Rule or Model.


  • OBJECTIVE 5.1 Students will demonstrate competence in each of the functional areas of business (accounting, economics, finance, management, operations, and information systems.
  • OBJECTIVE 5.2 Students will demonstrate knowledge of the issues involved in conducting business in a diverse, global environment.

BBA in Management assessment of student performance was rated as “meets expectations” with the exception of Written Communication. A workshop was presented to faculty on teaching and evaluating written communication. Handouts to help students develop writing skills were provided.

  • Recruit and hire a tenure-track person for the Strategy position.
  • Increase student engagement in student organizations related to the major
  • Build partnerships and networking opportunities within the college, university, and community.
  • Seek internship opportunities for majors.
  • Conduct needs assessment for certificates in human resources that align with SHRM guidelines.
  • Evaluation of the innovation and entrepreneurship management program and minors through focus groups, professionals in the field, and alumni.
  1. What are essential skills need to be successful?
  2. How does the course work provide necessary competencies?
  3. Review elective offerings and delivery options.

Enrollment (fall census, 1st major headcount, and SSCHs)

  • SSCH: 3347 (undergrad)
  • Majors: 471

 Retention Fall 2015 - Fall 2016 - 73%

 Personnel (number per category, tenure, and promotion, etc.)

 Category of Faculty

  1. Full Professor: 5
  2. Associate Professor: 2
  3. Assistant Professor: 1
  4. Instructor: 1
  5. Visiting Professor: 1