Advertising/Public Relations

Students are awarded the Minor in Advertising/Public relations upon completion of a five-course sequence of advertising and marketing courses. These courses may also count toward advanced business electives for other business majors. The advertising/public relations minor focuses on integrated marketing communications across all aspects of the firm’s business. Oral and written communications are integral to the program. Students will participate in national and regional advertising and PR competitions.

Minor Requirements (15 hours)

MKTG 3350 Principles of Marketing
Introduction to the structure and functions of the marketing system of economy and to the marketing practices of organizations. Includes examination of the environments of marketing decision making, marketing institutions and agencies, and marketing practices of organizations.

MKTG 4310 Marketing Research
A study of the development and use of information for marketing decision making; research methods applied to problems of market segmentation, pricing, distribution, promotional strategy, and development of marketing strategies.

ADVT 3300 Advertising: an IMC Approach
Fundamentals of local, national, and international advertising are covered, including social, ethical, and legal/regulatory aspects. Major members of the industry are discussed including advertisers, agencies, and the media. The advertising process is detailed, including research, strategic marketing planning, copyrighting, art direction, and media planning and selection.

ADVT 3310 Advertising Campaigns I
Fundamentals of advertising from the advertiser’s perspective as an integrated element of the promotion mix are covered, including the administration of advertising campaigns, budgets, media planning, and advertising research.

One elective from:

  • ADVT 4320 Advertising Campaigns II
  • ADVT 3340 Public Relations

Admission: Anyone admitted to a UALR bachelor’s degree program may obtain this minor.

Graduation: The sales minor will be conferred upon bachelor’s degree and minor requirement completion with a 2.5 cumulative GPA.