Why Marketing?

Marketing is not just about understanding products and how they fit on a shelf in a grocery store. It’s not just about understanding how our company can make more sales than our competitors. Marketing is about understanding people. It focuses on how consumers think, feel and react about all products and services around the world. It is about inventing, developing and producing unique and creative ways to provide products and services to everyone.

According to Forbes.com, a marketing degree is one of the top bachelor degrees in demand in the country. This is due to the fact that in today’s digital world, technology is ever-changing and steadily evolving. At UA Little Rock, marketing students will gain the knowledge and skills to be able to lend their hand towards reinventing the world of sales & advertising. Whether it’s competing in national competitions or developing new advertising campaigns, UA Little Rock marketing students are always in the spotlight. When obtaining a marketing degree from UA Little Rock, graduates will acquire the tools necessary to put their stamp on the future.


Top Five Marketing Jobs in the U.S.






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