Student Spotlight: Brittany Tate

Brittany Tate of Dallas, Texas, received a bachelor’s degree in Media Production from Pepperdine University. She is now seeking her master’s in Mass Communication at UA Little Rock and is the drug program co-coordinator for the Arkansas Sheriffs’ Association.

Why did you choose the School of Mass Communication?
“I wanted to combine my technical abilities with more research on how people communicate to create more effective documentaries.”

What do you look forward to studying the most?
“My professional project will be the one thing that I look forward to working on the most. Anytime I am able to apply course material to documentary filmmaking is a win for me.”

What do you hope to do after graduation?
“After graduation I plan on pursuing my doctoral degree in instructional design. I have yet to decide what institution I would like to attend.”

Do you have any advice for undergraduate students?
“Attempt to earn as many internships in your field of interest as possible, and take the GRE before your junior and senior year. It really helps decrease stress levels closer to graduation.”

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