Student Spotlight: McKenzie McMath Coronel

McKenzie Alexandra McMath Coronel of Little Rock earned her bachelor’s degree in Anthropology and Legal Studies at UA Fayetteville in 2011. She is now studying Public Relations in the School of Mass Communication.

McKenzie is a graduate assistant for the Arkansas Public Administration Consortium and is also a projects consultant for Cambridge College in Santa Cruz, Bolivia.

Why did you choose to seek a graduate degree in Mass Communication?
“Mass Communication has evolved to become the dominant force in shaping the minds, ideas, and agendas in our world today. The international community is united, connected and affected by each other faster and more strongly than ever in the history of man. With this great connection and ability to influence masses comes great responsibility and opportunity. I hope to learn how to utilize public relations and mass communication in international projects to bring people from different cultures together to produce mutually beneficial initiatives.”

What are you most looking forward to studying and why?
“I am most looking forward to learning about the implementation of public relations and corporate social responsibility. Having developed and managed the community service program “Cambridge in the Community” at Cambridge College in Santa Cruz, Bolivia over the course of four years, I have become passionate about furthering corporate responsibility, and want to help make sure that the corporations of the world are able to create and implement the most effective service projects.”

What’s your favorite Mass Comm class so far and why?
“I have enjoyed all my classes, but my favorite so far has been News Media and the First Amendment.

‘But what makes us both Americans? Just one thing. One. Only one. The rule book. We call it the constitution, and we agree to the rules, and that’s what makes us Americans. That’s all that makes us Americans.’ Tom Hanks in Bridge of Spies.

I love this quote because I think it encompasses the most important element of what unites our country’s people from different backgrounds, cultures, and identities. I have enjoyed getting to read cases that deal with interpreting this most important component of our constitution and our shared existence as Americans.”

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