Alumni/Student Spotlight: Justin and Amanda Roberts

Today we have an Alumni/Student Spotlight featuring a married couple that’s part of the Mass Comm family.

Justin Roberts received his bachelor’s degree from the School of Mass Communication with an emphasis in Production and Design in 2013. He earned his master’s in Mass Communication in 2017. He is now a marketing specialist at ATG USA in North Little Rock.

Amanda Roberts is a graduate assistant and student in the School of Mass Communication. She studied journalism at UA Fayetteville from 2004 to 2008 and then worked as an editor at the Arkansas Democrat-Gazette from 2008 to 2018. She is now studying public relations and hopes to work for a non-profit organization after receiving her master’s degree.

In their spare time Justin and Amanda enjoy watching movies (either really good ones or really bad ones), playing video games, going on adventures and winning stuffed animals at the State Fair. They’re often annoyed by their pets, Master Splinter the Chihuahua and Archimedes the cat.

Justin, what do you do at ATG USA?
“I do all kinds of things! But, in general, I’m responsible for video marketing and execution. Some days I’ll be traveling to a customer to document their success story on video, and on other days I’ll be in the office, editing video and forming a social media strategy.”

What advice would you give to current students?
“As an undergrad, don’t procrastinate, show up for class, and do the work. If you’re paying for the education, don’t waste any time and take class seriously. And if you’re not paying for the education, someone is, and you should realize how lucky you are. Still take class seriously.

If your goal is to get a job after graduating, find internships that will help you grow professionally. Literally every job I’ve had since undergrad has been the result of some connection I made during an internship.”

Amanda, what made you choose the School of Mass Communication?
“I had decided it was time for a career change. Because Justin had just gone through the master’s program, I was familiar with it, and I knew there were a lot of classes that would help me work toward my goal of shifting into PR.”

What’s your favorite class so far and why?
“PR for 21st Century Non-Profits with Professor Amy Barnes is the class where I feel I’ve learned the most so far. I came into it knowing nothing about writing a communication plan, and now I’m putting the finishing touches on a 40-plus-page plan for the local non-profit Recycle Bikes for Kids. So in addition to what I’ve learned, it has also given me the opportunity to use that knowledge to help the community, which I love.”

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